Welcome to Kidz, Ink Academy of Early Academics. We are committed to offering you and your child a safe yet fun filled environment that is academically challenging.

We know that you have many child care choices and that you want the best care for your child. Kidz, Ink was established by people who, like you, know how hard it is to find flexible quality child care. That's why we offer both full day, five, four, three and two days per week for families seeking an added dimension of socialization and learning for their child.


Phil and Aretha Kitson started Kidz, Ink after not being able to find a quality program that was safe, fun and surrounded their children with a stimulating environment. As working parents themselves, they faced the difficult challenge of balancing the demands of work and the needs of their family, while settling for mediocre childcare.

They spent years creating an elite program that was the best of the best, affordable, and accommodated parents work schedules, yet still creating a family environment at each and every center. Kidz, Ink uses the curriculum "Core Knowledge" which is based on the following key principle: We can, and must, establish high expectations for all young children, recognizing that the rates and approaches to learning may vary among individuals. A recent study called "Eager to Learn" by the National Research Council, Washington DC, reinforced the high standards of the Core Knowledge Curriculum.

Kidz, Ink's small group sizes, low child to teacher ratios, and enriched learning centers help children experience the joy and excitement of learning, all while developing an appreciation for their individuality in a healthy, safe and challenging learning environment. We develop the best of the best in your child and give them a long-term advantage at any age.

Kidz, Ink differentiates itself from other centers by offering an indoor playroom, computer lab or learning with lap tops, and electronic key entry. Security cameras that can be viewed in the lobby monitor each classroom.

Our Story - Aretha

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